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Painting Closeup





Stern Model

Wheel House Model

Wheel House Model



Take a 360 degree tour of the Shawnodese on a delightful summer day... , click here

The Boat was built in 1966 in San Diego as a ferry to Coronado Island. It spent a few years on Lake Mead as a tour and fishing boat with a six pack license. At this point it had twin diesel engines mid ships with straight shaft & rudder. From there, it went to San Francisco as a crew boat taking crew personnel out to larger ships. It was also used to lay cable in the bay.
In the early 80's, it was stripped of all running gear, shipped up to Idaho as part of a settlement that one of the business partners had made when they sold out of the boat business in SF. It sat in his yard for about ten years waiting for the owner to make a personal yacht out of it for use on Lake Pend Oreille. That's when we found it. It was purchased for the hull only in 1992. It was hauled home to our yard on a make shift trailer, and placed with the stern facing the shop building and sat there for another 6 to 8 months waiting for us to design and get approval by the US Coast Guard. After the plan approval from the US Coast Guard, it took 2 more years to complete. On July 26, 1995, the hull got wet again.
This was the largest change the hull has gone through in its life time. This time it got only one engine, a diesel, with an out drive for better steerage, and it cruises at around 7 knots. It received a fully enclosed lower deck which it never had, an open upper deck, and a good sized wheel house. It weighs in at 15 tons of aluminum, wood, and metal. The hull and super structure are all welded aluminum. The interior was done in mahogany to give a softer and older look to the aluminum hull. All systems are new; engine, drive, electric, plumbing, electronics. So we have started out in our new venture with a new boat but an older look to it.
This vessel is US Coast Guard approved, and inspected once a year. A stability test performed by the US Coast Guard has certified the vessel for 36 passengers and 3 crew.
Length - 40' @ water line, 43' over all
Width - 14'
Draft - 4'
Displacement - 30,000 lbs.
Power - 7.3 Liter Ford Diesel, naturally aspirated
Horse Power - 200
Speed - max 10 km @ 2900 rpm, cruise 7 km @ 2000 rpm
Transmission - Borg Warner Velvet drive Model #113 with 1 to 1.66 ratio
Out drive - Stern Power w/ 19" x 12" LH prop
Steering - Internal Manual Hydraulic
Auto Pilot
Visual Navigation Suite connected to GPS and Auto Pilot
Galley - sink, refrigerator, diesel fired heat cook stove, bar
Dinette - seats 6
Main Salon - 11' x 15'
Head - with shower
Upper Deck - 11' X 18' 20 pass cap.
Wheel house - 10' x 8'



Over the years, we have met many special people on our boat. Each passenger has a story to tell each person is unique and wonderful. After all, people who go on our boat obviously love the water and love boats. But on occasion, we meet an exceptional person whose talents we just have to share with all of you.






5 or 6 years ago, when First Mate Chuck entertained our folks, we had a gentleman from Spokane, Bob Rickard, who is a painter and a gallery owner. He seemed pretty impressed with the design of Captain Curtis' boat. One day, he walked up to the boat, having driven to Sandpoint for the occasion, and presented a gift to the Captain. It was a framed original watercolor of the Shawnodese that he had painted. The Captain and First Mate were overwhelmed by this generous and beautiful gift. They insisted that he come out with them on the boat that day, but he said "no". That was not the reason for gift. He just wanted to give something back to show his gratitude and appreciation for a job well done in building such a wonderful boat. To this very day, the painting hangs proudly in Captain Curtis' office. Thanks, again, Bob, for such a special gift.



Also, a number of years ago, there was a man staying at the Lakeside Inn from Boise, Jim Henry, who saw our boat from his room. Jim is a boat builder of a different sort. His hobby is building miniature, functional model boats. He also was very impressed with the design and character of the Shawnodese, so much so that he wanted to build a model of it. Captain Curtis provided him with his own architectural drawings that he used to build the boat as well as numerous photos. Over the last several years, Curtis sent Jim additional photos and drawings, as he needed them. Recently, Jim sent pictures of the project and how it was coming along. Captain Curtis and First Mate Linda were wowed, to say the least. The photos are so amazing that we have added a photo gallery so that we can share with you this man's amazing talent. The attention to detail and the accuracy of not just the design, but the furnishings as well is truly incredible, right down to the life jackets and GPS system. We think you will agree when you look at actual photos of the Shawnodese and compare it to the model, which is 1/10th scale. Congratulations, Jim, on this wonderful endeavor. You are to be commended for your talent and what must be a lot of patience to build such a beautiful model! To see the photo gallery, click here

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